Sheepy Game

Sheepy – A sheep-counting game that will have you doing anything but sleeping

I Can’t Get No Sheep

The act of counting sheep is an age-old suggestion for insomniacs that simply want to drift off to sleep, suggesting that it isn’t a particularly stimulating activity, wouldn’t you agree? Well, I have a feeling that Wefiends and about 3,000,000 players and downloaders of the iOS version would strongly disagree with the supposition that the game is boring, and I would be strongly inclined to make it 3,000,001. Sure, traditional sheep counting is an apparent bedtime remedy for sleep but the challenging and mentally-taxing counting involved in Sheepy is far from a snore fest, except of course the fact that the very aim of the game is to keep whomever is counting the sheep in their slumberous state asleep so that you can proceed to count more sheep in return for points, multipliers, and bones. Ready yourself for some mightily swift eye movements, some lightning-fast counting, and some sheep travelling in an absurd manner as you let yourself in for the most difficult tallying game you’ve had in your life.

Evasive Sheep

Sheepy is a quaint game of the counting kind, and could even be referred to as a maths game, though concerning itself with fairly simple adding and minor subtraction (no quadratic equations or sin/cos/tan calculations here). The objective is to count the number of sheep that pass by the screen as accurately as possible, entering a number at the end of each wave of ridiculously-mobile sheep and seeing whether your eyes and brain were at least as quick as, if not quicker than the sheep themselves. The evasive sheep pass by the screen at varying speed and the numbers of them vary quite substantially, so guessing really isn’t an option here, though this would remove the fun of the game entirely. Keeping the “sheep-o-meter” out of the red zone is your main objective since reaching this zone will cause you to wake up and therefore lose the game.

Ovine Quantification

There are a few types of sheep that travel at different speeds to add a little to the variety and the difficulty of the game. The regular sheep simply bound across the screen over the fence and are easily countable, though you will find that some sheep pop up momentarily from the bottom or top of the screen and disappear immediately just to make things a little more difficult. Sheep can also fly (yup, that happens)across the top of the screen and black sheep also act as the metaphorical fly in the figurative ointment by requiring you to subtract these from the number of non-black sheep that you see. There’s a little more variety involved with the ‘uncertainty pod’ as well, which is simply a Wheel of Fortune-like device that spins every three levels and gives you a modifier that applies to the following level, with items including sleeping pills, an auto-guess option, and detrimental items like a shot of adrenaline that takes 25% from your sheep-o-meter and brings you closer to waking up.

Sheepy is far from a complicated game, but its simplicity mustn’t make you underestimate how addictive and challenging it can be. The graphics are playful yet basic and can’t really compete with sheep games of the likes of Home Sheep Home, but this game has proven itself to be insanely popular nonetheless.