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Home Sheep Home – Visually-spectacular platform-puzzle action of the fluffiest, sheepiest kind

Not Just a Sunday Dinner

Is there anything sadder than a lost lamb? Well, besides a plate of lamb perhaps for vegetarians/vegans/animal lovers, but what’s Sunday without a roast leg of baby sheep on a plate with mint sauce and the obligatory 20kg of assorted vegetables? Leaving the fact that lamb is definitely the tastiest meat on earth aside for a second, the thought of a lamb wandering the countryside miles away from home in search of its mother is simply too much to bear, which is why in Home Sheep Home, the aim is to get a trio of sheep (one lamb of unbearable cuteness included for tugging on the heart-strings and smashing you squarely in the cute bone) from one site of the screen to the other, which fits into the big picture of getting these sheep and sheeplet home where they belong. A variety of physics-based puzzles in a platform format await, as does sheer mesmerisation at the illustrative talent of the developers of Aardman (the studio responsible for the timeless Wallace and Gromit) , whose lack of name-dropping anywhere in the game is an endearing show of humility that makes the game even more appealing.

On the Lamb

The central aim of Home Sheep Home is simply to get three lost sheep – Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy – home in time to hopefully not be slaughtered for their succulent meat. Getting them home is a case of controlling each of these sheep on an individual basis, switching between them with numerical keys 1-3 and utilising each of the sheep’s differing weight, shape, and ability to jump in order to manipulate the objects and obstructions that form the physics-based puzzles on each level. Once you have gotten the three sheep to the signpost on the right-hand side of the screen, the level is complete and the time taken to have done so is recorded.

You will face a variety of different puzzling situations along the way, each of which will require a little brain-cell based brilliance and the utilisation of each of the sheep’s unique properties. Timmy is the smallest and therefore the lightest of the three and is particularly spry, being able to jump considerably higher than Shirley, who looks like she is battling a weight problem and should stick to the low-fat grass; her size means that she is extremely heavy and able to move objects and obstacles that the other two cannot, though in a double-edged sword fashion, her hefty dimensions also mean that she cannot jump very high. The game is all about utilising a wonderfully original, triple-sheeped game mechanic to solve each of the puzzles by using each sheep’s unique properties to get the job done.

To go with the brilliant gameplay, you have some illustrations and a general design that is nothing short of visual poetry. Aardman’s distinctive faded-drawing style is both gently colourful and wonderfully artistic without bordering on the purposeful weathered appearance that today’s detestable hipsters pretend not to enjoy. The sporadic bursts of cheerful music upon your victory and the relaxing countryside background sound effects of birds singing in the distance also add to the brilliance of this game, and as a package, it has to be declared as perhaps one of the greatest and most stunning flash-based platformers of all time. The fact that Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground and Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London also exist is an absolute blessing for the world.