Chuck The Sheep Game

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Chuck the Sheep – Distinctively ovine launch game action where escape from the farm is your main priority

Be the Best Lamb You Can Be

Traditionally, sheep are quite the sedentary animal and enjoy pastimes such as standing in fields, grazing in fields, having random numbers (and occasionally the odd bit of graffiti) spray-painted onto their coat, more standing in fields, standing in fields on wet days, bleating once every so often, and generally waiting to either become coatless after shearing or lifeless after undergoing the process of lamb-ification, i.e. not being alive anymore for the purpose of becoming next week’s lamb dinner. It isn’t really all that surprising therefore when a sheep decides that enough is enough. Having witnessed countless sheep being sheared (shorn if you wish to be a proper-tense Nazi or a grammar Goebles) and losing their precious coats, our defiant Chuck from the game’s title is determined not to suffer the same fate as his ovine friends. All Chuck wants to do is escape the farm, and naturally, the way to do it is to build a propulsion device from all sorts of raw materials that you may run into along the way. It’s time to be the best lamb you can be, and all the best lambs still have their coats so they can look cool in front of all the other sheep.

Launching to Success

Chuck the Sheep is a pure and simple launch game at heart and involves repeatedly shoot Chuck into the air and guide him as far as you can possibly manage. Use the spacebar or click to launch Chuck into the air when the spinning needle on the dial is in a favourable position. After you have launched Chuck, you can then guide him through the air using the directional arrows to control the boosters that keep him there and also control his orientation there as well. Your flight success is based on how much fuel you have and how well you can guide Chuck through the air, avoiding bombs which can damage your boosters and trying to pick up/bump into various objects mid-air such as birds and raw materials like wood.

As with all good launch games, Chuck the Sheep has an upgrade system that allows you to boost various aspects of your flight and flight vehicle such as your hull, wings, fuel tanks, wheels, boosters, engines, and shields, all of which are made possible by collecting different kinds of raw materials during your flight. This system is more innovative than arbitrarily collecting random cash from nowhere, and the experience points system also rewards you for achieving certain mini-goals such as bumping into birds whilst in the air.

Shear Brilliance

Chuck the Sheep is far more than your average launch game. It has an upgrade system based on working to collect “natural” resources instead of just cash, the upgrades are extensive, and the mini-goals serve as small missions for you to complete as you go through the game instead of launching repeatedly for the sole purpose of upgrading. The graphics are noticeably polished and the design is generally very professional and even a little impressive in parts. Chuck the Sheep has longevity that many launch games do not, so it deserves a considerable whack of your time if you’re into the launch game genre.