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Home Sheep Home

screenshot of Home Sheep Home  game

There aren’t many flash games that are able to genuinely impress you to your very core simply from their aesthetics, but Home Sheep Home is one of those rare titles whose design is simply stunning in every way. A platform-puzzle game in spirit and a work of illustrative genius in appearance Home Sheep Home is a fantastic platform game containing a series of puzzles based on a three-sheep system where you simply have to use the flash-based physics and your reasoning skills to get these lost sheep home.

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Chuck The Sheep

screenshot of Chuck The Sheep  game

You may have played launch games before, but have you encountered a sheep as stubborn as Chuck? Chuck’s star role in Chuck the Sheep involves launching himself out of a farm and escaping the certain fate of being sheared, apparently equating this with a loss of dignity that no lamb or sheep should ever have to go through. Can you stop this injustice from happening by launching Chuck away from the clippers? There’s only one way to find out. 

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screenshot of Sheepy  game

Forget sleeping if you’ve stumbled upon this game late at night; this isn’t a remedy for your sleeping problems. Sheepy is a counting game that involves keeping track of the number of sheep that appear on the screen, moving at various speeds and in differing quantities each time, but all with the same purpose of getting you to keep track of each and every one of these fluffy creatures in order to score as many points as you think you can manage, just to keep your in-game character asleep for long enough that we can then count more sheep.

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